Baskets in Europe

Yolk basket carrier

                        Maurice Bichard

Here are some unsolicited comments from our readers:

I enjoy it because the paper is almost matt, so the light doesn't reflect; the print is exceptionally clear; photographs very clear and informative; the whole book is wonderfully interesting. I cannot imagine how you managed to publish such a treasure at such a cheap price.

'You made an important historical tribute to basketry in Europe. I am not aware of any book that informs us so profoundly about European Baskets'. (Germany)

'I think that every basketmaker should have it in his library' (Latvia)

'It will be an invaluable resource for all of us'

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You deserve roses for your fantastic job and book - congratulations! I love to browse it" (Denmark)

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'This wonderful book made so attractive by all the pictures ... will certainly become the standard reference on European basketry' (Sweden)

'Its a great achievement. I particularly like the photographs of basket makers at work and basket users going about their daily tasks all over Europe'

"Quel travail et quelle passion" (France)

'It has become a great book and it is a valuable treasure' (Germany)

'What a triumph! Simply wonderful to put together a definitive work on such an age-old craft'

"It is lovely to have so many interesting pictures"

'It is a wonderful contribution to basketry that was actually missing. (It) will be of great help and wider use to both academics and practitioners.' (Italy)

'I read (your book) with so much joy and delight' (Germany)

'Everything about your book is just beautiful' (The Netherlands)

'The book is quite easy to read, even for me with my little knowledge of English' (Finland)

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'Its a feast for the eyes' (Ireland)

'...such an interesting and exciting range of types of baskets. Great to see at last'.

'Its rather heavy!' (a friend)