Baskets in Europe

Yolk basket carrier

                        Maurice Bichard

Book title: Baskets in Europe

Author: Maurice Bichard

ISBN: 978-0-9560249-0-9

Published: September 2008

Price: £20 (post and packaging free)

280 pages, over 600 colour illustrations, paperback, 21cm x 27.5cm

Publisher: Fyfield Wick Editions, The Farmhouse, Fyfield Wick, Abingdon, Oxon, OX13 5NB

‘Baskets in Europe’ traces the rich traditions of European basketmaking, from the earliest evidence of man’s handcraft to the 21st century. Using records from archaeology, art, museums, and his own encounters and collection, Maurice Bichard reveals links between European people through looking at everyday baskets in the home, farm, industry, and trade. Through these he illustrates the evolution of society in Europe, shows the ways baskets were produced, their many uses, and the wide range of materials and techniques employed to make them. Dividing Europe into several regions, he shows the typical basketry of each.

This book should be a valuable reference for those currently working in or teaching the craft. It should appeal to many more who have an interest in social history and the role of crafts in our development. In addition, it could add another dimension to those travelling in Europe who wish to discover more about the area they are visiting.

'Practically anything that wasn’t liquid and needed to be carried, caught or contained could be done so with a basket of some form and material. This book is a lavish tour de force, a visual feast of baskets backed by analysis of their often overlooked but entirely vital social and economic role across Europe.'

Dr Roy Brigden Curator, Museum of English Rural Life, University of Reading